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Welcome to Excite Kitchens


Our Story

In 2020, we started Excite Kitchens inspired to create innovative products that streamline kitchen space. We believe some of the best memories with family and friends originate in the kitchen and the products in our kitchen should encourage greater connections through being simple to use, more versatile and fun.


Growing up, the kitchen was always the heart of our home where everyone would collectively gather to cook, eat, drink, chat and be merry together. As time went by we got more adventurous with our dishes and there was a need to purchase different utensils and appliances to achieve different results. Whilst the dishes were delicious, the space to fit these specialist appliances was rapidly diminishing and they started to spill out onto the countertops. After evaluating these kitchen products we found a lot were single-use, hard to clean and quite bulky. We started looking for more creative solutions to store, consolidate and declutter the items in our kitchen so that the area could always be a welcoming entertainment space with minimal effort. These solutions developed into the Excite Kitchens product line. 

Holiday Cooking

Our Products

At Excite Kitchens, we believe kitchen tools should be designed to enhance cooking experiences.  Our mission is to create products that get you excited to be in the kitchen.

We work with specialist chefs and home cooks to design a functional yet fun product range.  We're passionate about creating solutions that our customers love and put their needs at the top of our priority list. Inspired to solve common challenges faced in the kitchen, we aim to provide storage-friendly, multi-functional, sustainable and quick cleaning products.  

Are you ever frustrated in your kitchen? Tell us about it, these are the problems we'd like to solve with you. 

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